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Women and Acne: Treatment Explained

Having acne in your puberty is understandable. It happens to almost everybody. You just ‘serve your time’ and wait for it to clear out.

Some unlucky ones have to serve an extra couple of years throughout their adolescence because their acne gets really stubborn.

So, when all that is done, you are finally acne free, right? Well…hopefully.

There is also the adult acne that sometimes happens to people well after their puberty and adolescence. They are different from puberty acne, and they need to be addressed differently.

Since knowledge is your weapon, let’s learn more about adult acne and what to do about them.

Why Me?

The questions that you always ask yourself when a flare-up occurs are Why me? and Why now? Some people never get over the puberty acne, and some of them have their first breakout in their adult years.

Adult acne can be caused by some medications, but also some drastic hormonal changes that happen to your body. Your genetics can be blamed for your constant flare-ups, as well. Therefore, knowing how the acne forms and it’s reason can get you to the right treatment.

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Here are some possible answers to your Whys.

Your Gender

During the puberty, acne attacks boys and girls equally. As you grow up, fewer and fewer guys get acne, while women are more prone to adult breakouts. Knowing how the acne forms and it’s reason can get you to the right treatment.

Your Hormones

We are all in the same boat during puberty, but women have more drastic hormonal changes in their lifetime. Here are some of them:

Wait! Are You Sure Its Acne?

Not all red spots and bumps on your face are acne. Pimples and acne are not the same. If you are not sure about what is happening, go to a dermatologist and find out. Depending on what’s causing those red bumps, you will get the right treatment.

For example, rosacea can also result in bumps and pimples, and people usually mistake it for acne. Don’t wait until it calms down. Some treatments can help you cope with such skin breakouts.

There Are Great Treatment Options

Adult acne is usually rare, and the breakouts are not that horrible as they are with the puberty acne. However, they can be long and stubborn. The acne attacks jawline, chin, and even your neck. Here is what you should do:

Ask for Help from a Dermatologist

Medications you can get over-the-counter will help you with some small breakouts. However, if your breakouts are constant and the medication doesn’t work, you should go and visit a dermatologist.

Your acne can cause scars, hyperpigmentation, and let’s not forget about all that pain. Don’t wait until your acne gets to that stage. Visit them right away and be prepared.

Get the Correct Treatment

This is another reason why you should go and see a doctor about your acne. Sometimes, wrong treatments and self-medication make your problem worse.

Different options can help you nowadays. Sometimes, your dermatologist may prescribe a combination of these.

Retinoids – this is the mildest effective treatment there is. They reduce the acne successfully and do wonders for your skin.

Antiandrogens – the most commonly used option is spironolactone. Anti-androgens are used to treat acne caused by the hormonal misbalance. If you are a woman, never take this on your own before consulting a doctor.

Isotretinoin – this is not topical, but an oral medication. It is harsh, and it should be considered as a last resort when all other drugs fail. It is only used for severe cases or those that do not respond to other treatments.

Birth control pills – some women have seen significant improvement with their acne because birth control pills regulate hormones and reduce the fluctuations. 

Enjoy a Great Skin Care Routine

There is a common misconception that the acne attacks only oily skin. Some people have acne and dry skin. That is why it is essential that you work out the perfect skin regimen for yourself.

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Oily skin – your best choice is foamy cleansers. Combine them with astringent products to reduce the blackheads and other outbreaks that can trigger acne.

Dry skin – you should stay away from the astringents and try to pick non-foaming cleansers. That will help you keep your skin from being too dry. You need hydrating products.

The last and not the least important factor – stress. It seems that stress is a factor in all the bad stuff that happens to your health. Acne is no exception. The relaxed and stress-free environment will help your skin heal and recuperate.