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At Skinnbar we know that our business wouldn’t be where it is without the support of our local community.
That’s why we donate 10% of all profits back to local causes and charities


The Hydro-Infusion & Chemical Peel

Includes 2 treatments a month $149

Best For: Rejuvenation. It all starts here! Our Signature 2-Step Treatment deep cleans and rejuvenates skin in 15-Minutes with no downtime.

Step 1: First, hydro-infuse the skin with all organic aloe water using microderm and suction to remove debris and deep clean the skin.

Step 2: The second step is light all organic enzymatic peel that utilizes gently exfoliating fruit-based enzymes to dissolve dead skin cells, support skin cell renewal and soften skin texture with minimal irritation. Perfect for all skin types, especially dry or sensitive skin, our professional enzyme peels deliver powerful skin rejuvenation and visible results in just one treatment.

Step 3: Sunscreen!

The Results: Clearer, brighter, tighter skin!

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Free & Clear

Includes 2 treatments a month $169

Best For: Acne Prone. Strongly Targets the surface layer of the skin and exfoliates to improve texture and clarity.

Step 1: Hydro-infusion to deep clean and get rid of any debris.

Step 2: Acne Lasers are used to reduce redness, pigment, inflammation and bacteria.

Step 3: Next, we use a blend of AHA’s and BHA’s with protective agents to effectively treat all grades of acne.

Step 4: Sunscreen!

The Result: Clearer, smoother, more radiant skin!

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The Skinn Bar Signature

Includes 2 treatments a month $250

Best For: Anti-Aging. Evens skin tone by reducing unwanted pigmentation, reduces fine lines by stimulating collagen, and gently resurfaces skin-texture with minimal downtime.

Step One: The Hydro-Infusion is used to deep clean pores, leaving your skin smooth and primed.

Step Two: Next our laser (your skinntician will choose which laser is best for your skin) powerfully treats the surface of the skin to reduce pigmentation, rejuvenate skin cells, and stimulate collagen while creating microscopic channels allowing for greater absorption of the serums.

Step Three: Dermanplanning to get rid of the superficial layer of dead skin, and it can help skin-care products sink in better.

Step Four: Chemical Peel; your Skinntician will choose either a chemical peel with a concentrated blend of lactic acid, salicylic acid and resorcinol works synergistically to quickly and effectively reduce the appearance of advanced aging, pigmentation and acne. This extra strength treatment reveals a younger you in a single treatment. Or, an emzyne peel that contains Vitamin C and fruit enzymes blended in an organic aloe vera base visibly reduce redness and brighten the skin while hyaluronic acid provides superior hydration.

Step Five: Our Hydration Boost serum instantly cools and soothes your skin. Utilizing a pressurized oxygen system, we deliver Hyaluronic Acid, antioxidants and peptides to fight aging and provide lasting hydration.

Step Six: Sunscreen!

The Results: Reduces pigmentation and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Healthier, more even, younger looking skin!

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Live Ageless Membership

Includes 2 treatments a month $350

Best for: Women and Men who struggle with fatigue, extra weight gain, and low libido.

Step 1: Meet with our hormone specialist, a certified Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner, to discuss your symptoms and whether or not bioidentical hormone therapy is right for you.

Step 2: We draw your blood for lab work to see where your hormone levels are.

Step 3: We combine your symptom profile with your hormone levels to personalize a bioidentical normal dosing schedule appropriate for you.

Step 4: The pharmacy ships your medications directly to your home for your convenience.

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