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Living Ageless
Is A Matter
Of Choice

Skinn Bar is a lifestyle choice. What sets us apart is our experience and integrity in the industry. We combine this with the latest technologies in aesthetics and our knowledge of wellness treatments to craft an unforgettable and results driven experience.

How Was Skinn Bar Born

Skinn Bar was born based on a handful of frustrations within the skin care industry. We asked ourselves a few questions..

Why do treatments take so long?

Why does everything always feel so ‘medicalish’ (if that’s a word!)?

Why aren’t people using scientifically backed procedures? And…

How can we provide people with a fun, simple, and results focused experience?

We hope you love what Skinn Bar has to offer. It was made for people like you.

We Exceed All Expectations

Quality service, backed by science in an unparalleled environment. Come and visit us today!

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Our Team of
Super Stars!

Tina Diaz


Angela Carrizales


Katie Turner


Katie Hoy


Jenn Norsch

RN-MSN Skin Specialist

Ashley Welch

BSN-RN, Nurse Injector & Skin Specialist

Maddie Herrera

BSN-RN, Nurse Injector & Skin Specialist

Latresa Johnson

Skin Specialist

Rachel Carman

BSN-RN, Nurse Injector & Skin Specialist

Hope Wilcox

BSN-RN, Skin Specialist

DR. G. Hunt Neurohr