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The Wrinkles That Botox Cures Best

Have you ever considered getting rid of those wrinkles? When you do, Botox comes to mind, and rightly so. Botox is efficient in treating wrinkles, but it works better on some than on the other.

Botox can help with the lines that are formed due to the muscle movement. In other words, the dynamic lines. Static lines are mainly fixed, and they don’t depend on the muscle movement. In those cases, it is advised to use dermal filters in combination with Botox.

As you can imagine, there are several types of wrinkles, and this is a list of those that Botox irons out effectively.

Periorbital lines

The more endearing term for these wrinkles is – the crow’s feet. Those are the small lines around the eyes that people usually associate with smiling. However, they are static which means they are there even when you are not smiling. Their most probable cause is photoaging – exposure to the sun. Botox can fix them, but they are somewhat resistant to this type of treatment.

Forehead lines

There is a big muscle below the skin of your forehead. That is why these lines are among the longest on your face. Botox removes them successfully which is quite lucky since a lot of people want them removed.

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Glabellar lines

Glabellar lines AKA those two deep frowny lines above your nose and between your eyebrows. This is the instance in which Botox really shines. Removing glabellar lines is perhaps the most common cause of Botox use, and it works well.

Bunny lines

Usually, when people go for the glabellar lines treatment, they correct their bunny lines, as well. Bunny lines are those little wrinkles on your nose ridge. Once you iron out the glabellar ones, these tend to pop out, so that is why people do them together.

Chin lines

Some refer to these lines as chin dimpling or even “the orange peel.” Again, you will need both Botox and dermal fillers to deal with these wrinkles. They are quite persistent.

Marionette lines

These are usually deep lines that form from the corner of your mouth and slope down to the sides of the chin. When they are very deep, they remind you of marionette mouth. Being this deep and in such a place, they are best treated with a combination of Botox and fillers.

Even Botox has issues with perioral lines because they are static, which means they do not form only when the muscle moves. They are the lines found above the upper lip. They make applying the lipstick difficult as it sometimes enters them. Smoking helps in forming these lines.

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Botox results are not permanent. They last for about 120 days. While this is a very effective way to deal with wrinkles, you can also do your part to prevent them.

The most efficient prevention methods include hydration, healthy diet, exercise, regular SPF cream use, proper skin care and avoidance of smoking. At some point, of course, the prevention stops working, and that is the moment when it is time to look into Botox and the wonders it can do for your wrinkles.