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Microdermabrasion. Spell It First, Then Read About It Here!

If you are looking for an efficient way to exfoliate your skin, you should look into microdermabrasion. Read up about this process first, learn all about how it works, what does it do for your skin and what types of microabrasion are there. In that way, you will be 100% sure what you get for your money and whether this is even the right move for you.

What Does the Microdermabrasion Do?

There are two amazing effects of microdermabrasion. Firstly, in-depth and extensive exfoliation of the skin occurs. This process removes the thin layer of the skin, making it feel smoother, younger and more vital. Moreover, the majority of whiteheads and blackheads disappear entirely after this process.

The other part of the process involves suction. It removes the skin debris that is created by the microdermabrasion. But that is not all. It also stimulates your dermis to repair itself. It makes your dermis think that it is damaged in a way and triggers a repair process. This means that the skin produced in this way is soft, thick and elastic – in other words – young.

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What Are the Types of Microdermabrasion?

Now that you know the general idea about the microdermabrasion process; let’s look into the specifics of it. Namely, there are two types of microdermabrasion for you to consider.

Crystal Microdermabrasion

This type of microdermabrasion is very similar to sandblasting. Don’t worry, it is nowhere as aggressive, and it involves particles of aluminum oxide, magnesium oxide, sodium bicarbonate or even salt crystals.

The device used for crystal microdermabrasion has a wand that is connected to the device by a tube. The device itself contains the receptacle with the crystals and the second one that collects the used crystals.

The wand is drawn over the skin. It blasts the crystals over the skin and at the same time vacuums them back after they have done their work. The collected crystals, together with any skin particles get gathered into the waste receptacle.

Microdermabrasion With Skin Exfoliation And Suction

Have you ever tried to blow into a pile of dust? You may have noticed that some of the dust bounces back directly toward your face. Something similar happens during this type of microdermabrasion. Also, that is how it is possible to blast the crystals and vacuum them in at the same time through the same wand.

Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion

If you think of the crystal microdermabrasion as of sandblasting, think of diamond tip microdermabrasion as of sanding. Again, this is a very subtle and controlled process, and it is not done with anything as harsh as a sanding paper. It is done with a diamond!

The diamond tip of the wand is drawn over the face, and it gently removes the dead and excess of skin cells. Again, these are being vacuumed and disposed of efficiently.

This type of microdermabrasion is the latest type of this effective skin treatment. It is considered to be a better option, because there is not an excess of crystals on the skin after the procedure and there is no risk of sensitivity to substances, such as aluminum.

Before you opt for it, know the potential effects of microdermabrasion on your skin and then choose the right microdermabrasion type. Don’t worry, it is painless, effective and rejuvenating. And just what you need!