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Botox And Wrinkles : The Sweet Science

If you have heard about Botox, you have most probably heard about the myth about its toxicity. Namely, there is a general misconception that Botox is an injection of botulism.

The truth is – Botox comes from the same bacteria that creates botulism, but it is administered in such small dosages that it would not be able to cause life-threatening conditions for a patient. Even so, there have been only 36 cases of Botox-related serious adverse effects in 13.5 years. 

With that in mind, you can count on the fact that Botox is a safe way to do your cosmetic procedures. Here is how it works.

How Botox Removes Wrinkles

The truth is – it doesn’t. It only makes them temporarily invisible. This is a common misconception among ordinary people, but the professionals should know better. Don’t agree on a treatment by a doctor who says Botox removes the wrinkles.

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In fact, Botox blocks the nerve that signals your facial muscles how and when to contract. When your muscles contract, they move your skin. Since we move our muscles in a limited number of ways, the skin gets creases, and that’s how the wrinkles are formed.

Upon precisely injecting Botox, you block just the right nerves. The muscles relax, and the wrinkles are not visible anymore. 
These types of wrinkles that are created by the muscle movement are called ‘dynamic wrinkles’ because the movement creates them. They include:

These wrinkles happen when the muscles contract. When you inject Botox and paralyze them, there is nothing to contract, and there are no wrinkles.

In time, the skin on your face becomes less elastic, so the creases that are usually there become permanent. Even if the muscle creating them is relaxed, these lines are still visible. Botox cannot fix these wrinkles, but it definitely softens them and helps treat the wrinkle lines.

The effects of Botox injections are not permanent. You can expect the impact to be visible after two days upon injection and to wear off after three or five months. If you are pleased with the effects, you need to repeat the treatment.

What Does Botox Really Mean?

Botox is a brand name. It is a sort of toxin produced by a particular string of bacteria Clostridium botulinum. This bacteria produces toxins that are marked from the letter A to G. Type A is used for cosmetic procedures. Other types are usually used for other medical purposes. The FDA approves them.

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The most common brand names of the type A botulinum toxins are Botox and Dysport. There is also Myobloc, which is actually type B. Although they all have their names, they are all recognized as Botox by the general public.

Botox can make your face look a lot younger, but it is just an injection and not a magic wand. It is not realistic to expect from Botox to turn the clock back for two decades or more. If you overdo it, you can get the effect of a ‘frozen face’.

However, a real professional will always give you proper advice about what to expect from Botox injections and what is too much. That is why it is essential that you have the best possible, certified doctor to do your Botox treatment.